By working through an Agent/Broker you get, at no cost to you, someone who will be there to answer your questions and assist you when needed

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John Cocke


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A window will pop up with a secure site in which you can enter your information. For candidates applying for government subsidies you will eventually have to fill out information under the website.

Do you know you could qualify for discounted and even free health care insurance through the Affordable Care Act?

Let me be your preferred health insurance agent and guide you through the process of getting health insurance. Give me a call today today, you won’t be speaking to a machine or an operator, instead you get an agent that can help you get health care coverage

Call today! 804-218-5709 or scroll below for your free quote!

Get covered today and avoid government penalties!

Virginia Marketplace will allow you to apply for a subsidy and purchase insurance on-line.

You will need to retain my name John Cocke and NPN #  16927426 to insert when requested in the Help Applying for Coverage page as Agent/Broker

This will allow me to follow the progress of your application removing any roadblocks that may arise.

Prior to choosing a plan, please take the time to call me as there are several things (doctors & hospitals) you should be aware of that may effect your choice. If you are NOT applying for a subsidy please call me to quickly complete a paper application as the insurance companies do not have the technology to receive on-line applications.


We are continually looking  for ways to assist our clients in our ever changing health insurance market and as new ancillary products are introduced you will be notified, hopefully some will allay the high deductible.


Please retain my cell number and email so that I may assist you with any future questions.

cell (804) 218-5709